"Aside from the obvious skill and dexterity of the juggling act, it was actually hilarious to watch the crowd interaction, as the zombie bride moved throughout the crowd and freaked out a few of the squares. Which is always the best part of a comedy spectacle, right?"   

Omniocity, Saskatoon, August 5, 2014

"Street show The Undead Newlyweds [is] a fan favourite "

  CBC News, 2016

 The Show

A comedy juggling show with a zombie twist! Undead Newlyweds is a uniquely themed circus show that combines comedy, fire, and loads of crowd interaction.  The show's language and content are family friendly and inclusive of diversity

Great for corporate events, outdoor festivals, street theatre, holiday parties, and for public appearances and roving entertainment. The show is easily adjusted to be suitable for younger crowds as well as late-night performances. Audiences flock to them within minutes of their arrival!

Devlyn Smith delivers the circus level juggling, fire manipulation, jokes, and the audience interaction. The Bride delivers the physical comedy, fire manipulation, crowd interaction, and an eerie beauty to the show. 

Although the original performance is 45 minutes, it can be lengthened or reduced upon request. We are fully insured, and come prepared to performances with proper fire safety equipment.

"The Undead Newlyweds are not to be missed!   Spooky?  Funny? Entertaining?  This unique show is all three!"

   Potash Corp Fringe Theater Festival, Festival Manager

"I'm STILL talking about the performance last year. Amazing!"

Audience member, Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2014

A Theatrical Comedy Juggling Show

"[T]hey're a MUST SEE duo with wit & charm & amazing talent...,  AN ABSOLUTE TREAT FOR CALIFORNIA AUDIENCES!! "

   K. Patterson, Executive Producer/Director San Diego International Fringe Festival, 2016